A good analogy for building a business is construction of a house.
Firm foundations, appropriate materials, resources, skills and a plan enable the structureto be built to the required standards. There is a specified timeline for the deliverables, which produces accountability.

Many business owners, prioritise obtaining business cards, logo and website. There is little or no business planning to structure the development of the business in a coherent and congruent manner. Ideally, the process should be as follows:
Define your Perfect Customer; clarify your Brand. Develop and adhere to a Business Plan that tells you what success looks like.

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We work for you to ensure your business works for you.

Our Twelve Step Programme, part of the Schematic Business Design ©, equips clients with the necessary leadership skills to enable them to enjoy the business success that they deserve.

Tony Munday

A firm advocate of Continuous Professional Development his expertise is drawn from Executive qualifications in Leadership and Management. He has developed a unique approach in facilitating leadership and personal growth that helps maintain work life balance.
Since completing 34 years service as a senior police leader, he has reframed his considerable experience to benefit owners and executives in business. He is able to empathise and assist with the demands, challenges and pressures of developing and leading an effective and growing business. Tony is well known for developing an open and honest professional relationship through which individual leaders and their companies can grow, and where ideas can be fully realised and enhanced. He refuses to dictate the way you should work, preferring to guide you towards the best way that works for you.

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