‘The Memory Box’ box was a result of a poignant request from a client. His mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer and she was refusing to fill out the work book prescribed by the doctor as the wording made her feel like a ‘patient’. He asked if we could design something that could camouflage the fact that it was in fact exercising her various sensory faculties  while encouraging her to interact with it on a daily basis.

After researching the said workbooks, and evaluating his mother’s likes and dislikes, Creative by Roopa designed ‘Simply Happy Box’.  It was full of games that took pages of the workbook and made them interactive. It utilised photographs and hobbies from her life, to joggle her memory.

The game highlighted here was a ‘Do it Yourself Flower Arrangement’ of sorts. Based on her love of gardening, there were flowers of various textures and materials that attached to a felt backing with velcro. The textures stimulated touch and the various colours, sight.  The velcro created sound and needed pressure to detach. There was a book of flower arrangements that she would need to replicate on the felt ‘board’ that stimulated cognitive thinking. Overall, the box was lined with very fragrant backing paper to stimulate the sense of smell.