The collaboration between trendy and urban Gro London Salons and Creative by Roopa has been an all encompassing design service. What started off as a quick business card set up, quickly grew to brand and identity development (print, web and salon environment) including advertising and marketing campaigns for their chain of 6 salons in London.

Highlighted are some individual projects in this ongoing collaboration.

Salon interiors: The concept was to embed messages within the fabric of the interior and give the client a Gro experience that would remain with him/her after they left the salon. One very successful feature of the interior were the writing on the ceilings – instead of simply staring at the ceiling while getting their hair shampooed!

The lady on a mission: Gro wanted their mission statement to be displayed in their salons to motivate staff and inform clients. Instead of creating a block of text in a frame, I Art This designed “the lady on a mission” where sentences formed strands of cascading hair. ‘The lady’ has almost become a mascot making an prominent appearance in all Gro London Salons.

Gro Infographics : This was designed to give customers a comprehensive insight into the history and growth of Gro London Salons. This are displayed at salon stations and used for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Posters for London Underground : These went through  a series of changes over the years from being very informative to extremely minimalist. With each poster campaign, the message became more focused and defined.